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The Invisible Girl

Disney+ premiered “La Chica Invisible”, a thriller about a murder committed in an Andalusian village, which ends up becoming the protagonist of the series. So we decided to give visibility to the less visible areas; the villages. We wanted to connect with its people and that’s why we used its most iconic element; the entrance sign to the village.
We traveled throughout Andalusia to find more than 20 signs that would help us describe the plot, making the villages tell the story of a town. In addition, we appealed to people from other villages on social networks to incorporate them into our campaign. With the first video alone we surpassed 7 million views, becoming the 2nd most viewed video on Disney+ Twitter, and we got dozens of hits in regional media without investing in media. By making a few towns the protagonists, Disney+ made “La Chica Invisible” a highly visible premiere throughout Spain.